McEwans Garage is equipped with the latest digital imaging technology. The “Hunter True Four Wheel Alignment” can help you reduce Tyre wear, improve fuel consumption, enhance handing and ensure safer driving.

Signs that your vehicle may be incorrectly aligned

  • Excessive or uneven Tyre wear
  • The vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • Do you have to constantly move the steering wheel to keep your vehicle travelling straight ahead?
  • Vibration from the steering wheel



McEwans can offer a professional True 4 wheel Alignment service using the new Hunter ‘Hawkeye’ machine. This is a substantial piece of equipment valuable to both McEwans’
customers and the local garage trade and has a number of key advantages over the usual ‘fast fit’ alignment centre. The Hunter alignment system has an improved accuracy, full range of front and rear suspension geometry checks including Camber, Castor, Toe (tracking), Ride Height and Thrust Line Alignment.

A True 4 wheel alignment check annually or every 15,000 miles can reduce tyre wear, reduce fuel consumption, improve handing and also ensure safer driving. Contact Us for more information about the our alignment service, or to book your vehicle in.